Cat Tail Movement Meaning | Cattails Meaning | What Does Cat Tails Mean

About what cat tail movement meaning, cattails meaning, and what does cat tails mean, experts told us about the behavior of cats – from the way they communicate through their tails and their kleptomaniac habits, to the frantic escapes, apparently for no reason, around the house.


cat tail movement meaning, cattails meaning, what does cat tails mean


Cat owners maintain a very strong relationship with their pets. Although they have a thorough understanding of your body language, cats often surprise you. Often the secret is in the tail.

When a cat yawns, its tail wags as if it's enjoying a classic record we can't hear. Decoding this signal can be a somewhat confusing process.

So how should we interpret our cats' tail movements?



“To read the signals it sends us through the tail, we have to take into account the cat's entire body,” says Carlo Siracusa, a professor at the Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine.

A cat that wags its tail as it prepares for a nap, for example, is telling us, “I'm resting, but I'm still aware of the sounds and movements around me”, ie it's relaxed but not sleeping. in service.

“If you're really asleep”, adds Syracuse, “a dancing tail can tell us that you're dreaming.”

A lashing tail, in a watchful cat, can indicate nervousness and possibly aggression. “Don't touch it!” says Syracuse.


In a calm cat, an airborne tail that draws a hook on the tip is a nice compliment, while a fully extended tail can betray a potentially aggressive cat. A spooky "Halloween cat" will pose snarled, with an arched back and a well-spiked tail.

A downward curve can mean that the animal has adopted a defensive posture, says Siracusa. In a relaxed cat, the tail assumes a lower or neutral position.


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