Dog Flunks Out of CIA Bomb-Sniffing Unit for a really Cute Reason

Lulu is still a Very Good Girl.


The role of a dog is certainly a noble one, but not all pups are cut out for the K9 lifestyle, and that’s okay.

Some are too pleasant to chase after horrific guys, whilst others, like CIA dog-in-schooling Lulu, without a doubt don’t have a flavor for it. Or, rather, a smell.

On October 19, the CIA posted an update (nay, a pupdate) about Lulu, a dog who was in training to be within the organization’s explosive detection unit. But, there was one little issue.

“A few weeks into training, Lulu began to point out signs that she wasn’t curious about detecting explosive odors,” the post said.

While some dogs in training don’t have an honest day or two sometimes , Lulu just wasn’t into it … in the least .

“Even as soon as they might encourage her with meals and play to look , she turned into certainly now no longer taking part in herself any more ,” the put up said.

Since the bodily and intellectual wellness of the puppies is that the most important precedence for the CIA trainers, constant with the put up, they determined to attempt to to what’s high-quality for Lulu and drop her from the program.

But Lulu’s “failure” clothed to be quite win for the dog: she has since been adopted by her handler.

The CIA said that they’ll miss Lulu, but it had been the proper choice for everybody . Plus, Lulu is already getting the foremost of out her “retirement.”

“She now enjoys her days twiddling with kids, sniffing out rabbits and squirrels within the backyard, and eating meals and snacks out of a dog dish,” the post said.

Since Lulu’s vacancy left a spot open within the CIA educational program , another black Labrador, 1-year-old Harry, has joined the ranks.


Harry, who may be a excellent Boy, is described as “a goofy, high energy fella who likes to jump and play.”

Even though Harry is that the youngest within the class, he “has a fantastic drive to find out and is super smart,” the CIA says.