Millionaire kitten: guardian leaves incredible fortune for his pet

millionaire cat kitten

Ukrainian tycoon kitten inherits more than € 200 million fortune


Lucky cat, the good-looking Sherlock, three years old, won a fortune in Ukraine. And it had been not for nothing. The cat was the most company of millionaire Jimond Akhmetov, nephew of billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, one among the richest men within the world.

Jimond and Rinat were partners in mining companies, metallurgy, gas extraction and distribution. With the death of Jimond, which occurred on the 21st, at the age of 55, his share within the company fell by will to the kitten.

A foundation are going to be created to supply the inheritance, the worth of which has not yet been formalized, but is estimated to be on the brink of € 200 million. All the whims of the cat were covered within the will and must be strictly administered by the officials assigned to worry for the animal and therefore the money he inherited. a part of the funds are going to be wont to assist programs for the adoption and adoption of cats round the world, in order that more animals have the prospect to seek out a cheerful home.


Sherlock, companion of all hours


Stricken by a bone problem that prevented him from walking and gradually weakened his health, Jimond acquired little Sherlock, a mixed breed cat, adopting him from a landfill next to at least one of his companies, while still managing to steer for little routes.

The friendship with the shaggy cat was instantaneous and when his illness worsened, Sherlock was the sole living being allowed to accompany the millionaire. Not even his nurses and caregivers stayed with him.

One of the house's housekeepers, Regina Yolay, points out that the friendship between them was very beautiful:

“It was a present that God gave to someone so rich with money, but sad at bottom , alone in life. The kitten spent the day playing and rolling beside his bed which cheered him up ”.



Jimond Akhmetov's fortune left to the now millionaire kitten


Jimond had no children and wasn't married. With a life dedicated to business he quickly grew rich until he succumbed to a condition . If he had not appointed an heir during a will, his assets would be confiscated by the govt .

His fortune includes companies, equity interests, bitcoin portfolios, hotels and inns, many in partnership together with his cousin Akhmetov.