2 x Protective Mask Against Flu Viruses & Dust

2 x Protective Mask Against Flu Viruses & Dust

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 Nontoxic mask features a double-sheet construction to keep you safely protected from the effects of flu, viruses, pollen, dust, grass and other nontoxic particles.
 Face Mask with Metal Adjustable Nose Strip to ensure a snug and tight fit 
 Nuisance masks are perfect for protecting against flu, viruses, dust etc. they offer much more protection than standard disposable surgical masks

 Unlike the cheap blue surgical masks being sold, our ones offer fat greater protection against flu and viruses

 Elasticated head strap for a universal tight fit around the mouth and nose
 Flexible metal strip ensures snug fit around the nose area and stops particles from entering through your nose 

 Elastic band wraps comfortably around your head to maintain a tight-fitting seal. Custom-fit nose piece adjusts to the contours of your face to provide an enjoyable fit. Polypropylene material performs well in high-humidity environments and is disposable for convenient cleanup.